Giant F6F Hellcat 55-61cc GP/EP ARF, 86″

Set Against the Rising Sun

 Japan had hit America where it was the most vulnerable. America’s battleships lay at the bottom of Pearl Harbor but the carriers were untouched. Until 1943, however, America didn’t have a carrier aircraft that could match Japan’s Zero. With the F6F in ’43, finally something could handily defeat the Zero. From 1944 on, Hellcats racked up kills at an ever-increasing rate. So many Zeros were sent spinning into the ocean at the Battle of the Philippine Sea that pilots dubbed it the “Great Marianas Turkey Shoot”. Our model version features includes built-up and sheeted wood airframe components, a large removable hatch, and LED lights. Fly this incredible piece of aviation history with your choice of gasoline or electric power.                                                                                                                                             

Key Features


Blade BLH4100 120 S RTF +6-Channel Radio Sub-Micro Single Rotor RC Helicopter

120 S RTF

  The original Blade® 120 SR heli was specifically designed to provide the inherent stability of a coaxial helicopter and the agile control of a single-rotor helicopter. Modeled after the popular ultra micro-size Blade mSR heli, the larger 120 SR heli was faster and more powerful so it could be flown outdoors. Now that concept takes a leap forward with simpler mechanics and the superiority of SAFE® technology so that pilots master the basics of single-rotor flight more easily.                                                                                                                                                        The sub-micro Blade 120 S is a great way to graduate from coaxial helis and multirotor drones to a single-rotor machine. Fixed-pitch, flybarless rotor mechanical simplicity lets you enjoy extra speed and agility with a design that has a high-level of durability and efficiency. Exclusive SAFE technology helps keep you in control by delivering the stability you need to develop confidence quickly. Move up to higher levels of flight performance easily with the flip of a transmitter switch. Prevent a crash the second you feel disoriented—just press the Panic Recovery button and SAFE technology locks the 120 S into a familiar level attitude. So whether you aim to advance your skills, or want a fun fly-around heli, the Blade 120 S can help you be the master of single-rotor flight.                                                                                                                                                              SAFE® Technology
The Blade® 120 S features exclusive SAFE (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) technology, a revolutionary electronic flight envelope protection system that makes it easy for anyone to fly helicopters with confidence by providing flight mode versatility and Panic Recovery mode that automatically returns the 120 S to a level attitude.                                                                                                                                                                Beginner mode: Small pitch and roll angle limits combined with intuitive self-leveling help you keep the heli under control.

Intermediate mode: Pitch and roll limits are expanded to offer a larger flight envelope while intuitive self-leveling continues to provide positive stability.

Experienced mode: Limits and leveling are removed to provide full maneuverability.                                                                                                                                                                                 Size Matters
Larger than a micro-class machine, the sub-micro 120 S is great for outdoor flight in low wind, yet it’s still small enough that it can be flown in a variety of indoor spaces. Plus, it’s practical to have more batteries on hand since the 120 S uses a low-cost 1S Li-Po battery.                                                                             

The lightweight airframe features durable polymers and carbon-fiber components that deliver mechanical precision and the tolerance to absorb typical mishaps.

Flybarless Mechanics
The new flybarless head design offers a higher level of mechanical efficiency as well as a lower parts count which makes helicopter maintenance simpler.

Linear Servos
The two 2.9-gram linear long-throw cyclic servos deliver the ideal level of torque and speed for precision and stability that’s remarkable for its class.                                                               

Flight time
The included charger operates from any convenient USB power source. Expect the provided 1S battery to offer average flight times of 5 minutes.

Spektrum Technology
The factory-installed 4-in-1 control unit features a Spektrum™ 2.4GHz DSMX®-compatible receiver, main and tail motor ESCs, mixer and flybarless controller. Count on the industry-leading reliability of Spektrum technology to deliver precision control that’s ideal for any flying site environment.

Multi-Function Transmitter
The RTF includes a Blade 6-channel transmitter with functionality that makes it easy to select SAFE technology flight modes as well as choose high or low dual rate sensitivity. A similar transmitter is required to complete the BNF version.                                                                                                                                                                                           


Included Items
• Fully Assembled Blade® 120 S helicopter

• E-flite® 500mAh Li-Po Flight Battery
• USB Li-Po Battery Charger
• Blade® 6-channel multi-function 2.4GHz with DSMX® technology
• 4× AA Transmitter Batteries


  • Fully assembled, no building necessary

  • SAFE® technology makes helicopter flight more fun

  • Panic recovery mode can prevent a crash

  • Flybarless rotor mechanical simplicity

  • Durable construction with carbon-fiber components

  • High-speed main and coreless tail rotor motors (installed)

  • Sub-micro linear long-throw cyclic servos (installed)

  • E-flite® 500mAh 1S 3.7V 25C Li-Po flight battery and charger (included)

  • Multi-function transmitter with Spektrum™ DSMX® technology (included)

You Will Need

Nothing! Everything you need is included in the box.


Type: Helicopter

Kit / ARF / RTF: RTF

Length: 12.99 in (330mm)

Recommended Environment: Indoor/Outdoor

Experience Level: Beginner

Gross Weight: 3.74 oz (106g)

Is Assembly Required: No

Type: Helicopter

Rotor Diameter: 12.99 in (330mm)

Tail Rotor Diameter: 2.76 in (70mm)

Rotor Blade Length: 5.75 in (146mm)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            




CR12 Ford F-150 Pick-Up Ready-to-Run

1:12 Scale Ready-To-Run Electric 4X4 Off Road Pick-Up Truck 

The CR12 Trail Series 4×4 truck may be small in size, but it is packed full of features. This rig comes Ready-To-Run with Reedy Power electronics and meets S.O.R.R.C.A. class 1 and 2 rules right out of the box. No need to prep or build your rig; just charge it and you’re ready to hit the trails!                            Designed not only for scale looks with realistic wheels, tires and a licensed Ford F-150 Pick-Up body, the CR12 is built for performance as well. The steel ladder frame chassis provides the perfect backbone for this rugged little rig. The 4-link suspension, threaded shocks, and soft rubber tires give the grip and performance needed to climb over the roughest terrain. Transferring power to the rocks is a compact 3-gear transmission, front steel CVA axles, and includes metal-shield ball bearings.                                                                            Get ready to hit the trails — and look good while doing it — with the CR12 Trail Series 4×4 truck!

Ford Motor Company Trademarks and Trade Dress are used under license.     



Rage R/C – Velocity 800 BL Brushless Deep Vee Offshore Boat, RTR RGRB1208

The Velocity 800BL is propelled by brushless power that will have you flying across the water at adrenaline-pumping speeds of over 45MPH! Performance is delivered by a brushless, water-cooled 1750kV motor, and harnessed by a 60A water-cooled electronic speed control.                                      This offshore rocket ship features a durable uni-body ABS hull that arrives pre-painted with a unique matte yellow finish and bright, bold graphics that combine to give the Velocity a fast, aggressive appearance. The durable zinc/aluminum alloy propeller, anodized aluminum rudder, and stainless running hardware provide a rugged, yet elegant look that completes the package, making the Velocity 800 BL a great looking, high-performance boat that looks as fast on the included display stand as it does on the water.                              Should high speeds, aggressive turns, or rough seas cause the boat to flip or capsize, the unique self-righting feature automatically turns the boat right-side-up within a few seconds, allowing the driver to bring the Velocity back to dock safely.                                                                                                                                The Velocity 800 BL arrives 100% factory-assembled out of the box with a 2-channel, 2.4 GHz radio system featuring fully proportional steering and throttle (forward-only), a 40 Kg/cm (550 oz./in.) waterproof servo, and even the AA batteries to power the transmitter. The only items required for completion are the running batteries (one 4S or two 2S LiPo packs), and a suitable battery charger.                                                                                                       

 The Velocity 800 BL arrives 100% factory-assembled out of the box with a 2-channel, 2.4 GHz radio system featuring fully proportional steering and throttle (forward-only), a 40 Kg/cm (550 oz./in.) waterproof servo, and even the AA batteries to power the transmitter. The only items required for completion are the running batteries (one 4S or two 2S LiPo packs), and a suitable battery charger.

Key Features:

Team Losi 1/5 Monster Truck XL 4WD Gas RTR with AVC

 Demolish the off-road at greater magnitudes than ever before behind the wheel of the massive Losi® Monster Truck XL. This awe-inspiring 1/5-scale off-road offender comes ready to turn heads with a formidable Dynamite® 29cc gasoline engine and a 4WD system based on the Losi Desert Buggy XL™. To help manage its insane power, the Monster Truck XL comes equipped with AVC® Technology and two authoritative large-scale HV steering servos so you can drive with nothing held back. Shredding your signature into the pavement is especially easy thanks to responsive aluminum front spindles, heavy-duty monster truck tires, and viscous torque differentials that consistently deliver maximum power whenever you want to grip and rip the throttle of the included Spektrum™ DX2E transmitter. Whether it’s hitting massive air or the competition, large bore threaded shocks attached to the extended suspension arms give the Monster Truck XL the advantage whenever it enters a fray.                                                                                                                                           


 The Losi® Monster Truck XL comes equipped with a reliable Dynamite® 29cc gasoline engine. The engine also enables long run times and won’t quit even when the going gets rough.                                                                                                                                                       


 The drivetrain used in the Monster Truck XL is based on the Desert Buggy XL™ platform. This proven platform has earned a reputation for reliability and performance both on and off the track.                                                                                    


 To help maximize agility and add extra durability, the Monster Truck XL is equipped with aluminum front spindles that remove flex and keeps steering fluid no matter how brutal the terrain gets.                                                                      


 You’ll never need to worry about the pavement leaving a lasting impression thanks to an incredibly durable 4mm extended length aluminum chassis.         


 With a ride this massive, you’ll need all the directional power you can get, and the Monster Truck XL delivers. Dual high torque large-scale steering servos keep this behemoth truck headed wherever you please with supreme responsiveness.                                                                                                                                                                                     


 Three viscous torque differentials help prevent wheel spin and ensure that the Monster Truck XL can attack the pavement with maximum ferocity.                                                                     


 The Monster Truck XL may be massive, but large bore threaded shocks keep it ready to pounce with supreme agility. Whether all four wheels are on or off the ground, these massive and adjustable shocks keep the truck stable and always prepared to attack.                                                                                                                                                         


 Tear through terrain or pummel the pavement with maximum grip thanks to massive new monster truck tires featuring monster claws treads.                                                                                                       


 A custom molded roll cage helps support the massive truck body during large impacts and additionally protects the engine.                                                                               





















  • Aluminum front spindles

  • Powerful Dynamite® 2-stroke pull-start 29CC gasoline engine

  • 4WD Drivetrain based on the DBXL

  • Patented* AVC® Equipped 2.4GHz Receiver with DSMR technology and DX2E transmitter

  • Dual high torque large-scale high voltage steering servos

  • Extended chassis and suspension arms

  • Monster truck tires and wheels

  • Large bore threaded shocks

  • Dual disc brake system

  • Sealed viscous differentials

  • Two body color options

  • Molded engine cage and body supports

  • Dynamite LiPo receiver pack

  • Easy access on/off switch and wiring harness

Product Specifications

Type:1/5 Scale 4WD RTR Monster Truck

Length:35.75 in (908mm)

Width:26.25 in (664mm)

Height:16.25 in (412.8mm)

Ground Clearance:3.75 in (95.3mm)

Wheelbase:25.25 in (641.3mm)

Weight:37.1 lb (16.8 kg)

Chassis:4mm Plate, 6061-T6 Aluminum



Tire Type:Losi Monster Claws

Motor or Engine:29cc CY F29 4-bolt Gas 2-Stroke



Batteries:7.4V 4000 mAh 2S 15C Lipo Receiver Pack

Wheel Size:4.875/6.875 in.(123.8/174.6 mm)


Shock Type:Oil-Filled, Coil-Over Springs

Body:Monster Truck, silk screened

Ball Bearings:Full Ball Bearing Drivetrain

Fuel Tank Capacity:740cc

Experience Level:Intermediate

Recommended Environment:Outdoor

Is Assembly Required:No

Needed to Complete

87-93 Octane Gasoline

2-Cycle Oil

Gas Can

Battery Charger 












Dauntless Wooden Boat Kit by Dumas

 We at Dumas are pleased to be able to take you back to an era of elegance. In 1946 Sparkman and Stevens designed a 66 ft. commuter boat for the express purpose of carrying commuters down the Hudson River into New York. What a glorious way to beat the traffic.                                                                                                                              These commuters were used by their owners as everyday transportation to and from work, and for pleasure trips to their favorite spots. The most famous of these commuters was the Dauntless. The Dauntless was owned by a prominent New York family. They undoubtedly considered the Dauntless a great diversion from their day to day business dealings.                                                                                                                   The days of the Dauntless are gone but you can bring them back. The Dauntless features top quality construction materials. The kit is made almost entirely of 1/8 in. poplar plywood. All parts are cleanly die-cut, and we have included a variety of detail parts including 38 cast metal fittings.        The size of the Dauntless leaves the door wide open for different powering methods. The obvious choices would be scale electric power, high speed electric power, or twin gas power, but you may have your own ideas. Use running hardware kit #2332 for all twin screw, twin power methods in the Dauntless.                                                                                                                                   

Length 49-1/2 inches Beam 14 inches Scale 3/4 in. to 1 ft.

 *Additional parts required for R/C:

Running Hardware: #2332 For all twin screw applications

Propellers: #3112/3113 3 Blade 2″ Diameter

Power: Two Dumas #2004 6v motors
Speed Control: #2022 6v Speed Control
Battery: #8302 NiCad Battery
Charger: #8315 Battery Charger 
Radio Control: #8812-2 2 Channel Radio Control w/ two servos



ImmersionRC Vortex 250 PRO ARF 350mW Race Quad Drone

Customized for a Legend

 Umma Gawd’s piloting skills are speak for themselves. His ability to tune a quad is second to none. We took the stock Vortex 250 Pro, and customized it for Tommy. Out with the 2204s, in with lightweight 2206s. Out with the stock CMOS camera, in with a 600TVL CCD, with great light handling, and a go-pro lens. Out with the stock 4mm arms and steel screw-set, in with ligher weight 3mm arms, and a Titanium screw-set. The result is much better power to weight ratio,  and a quad that is as at home on the race track, or the freestyle circuit.                                                                                                                                                                             

Tuned by a Pro

 As with all Vortex quads, pro-tunes are included to eliminate the complex tuning process. Tommy has tweaked the PIDs to perfection, and we have included them in the default firmware for the quad.                                                   

Out with Steel, in with Titanium!

 The stock Vortex 250 Pro shipped with a steel screw-set. Extremely strong, but unwelcome weight for a quad of this class. The UmmaGawd edition replaces this with a Titanium screw set, significantly lighter, and much stronger than aluminium equivalents.                                                                                                  

Lumenier 2206-2350kV Power

 Lightweight Lumenier 2206-2350kV motors provide the power for this special edition quad. Robust enough to survive the occasional knock, but lighter than most motors int he same class.                                                                                               

Physical meets Virtual

 The UmmaGawd Vortex 250 is available in the popular Liftoff simulator. The larger props, motors, etc. are all simulated using the advanced physical models driving the simulator. Fly before you Buy!





Retail Price ($USD): $529 (UmmaGawd Logo zipper case)

Initial Release Date: August 2016

Weight: ~415g without battery, or HD camera

Power Requirements: 3s-4s LiPo (typical)

ESCs: Full Custom, 20A cont. 22A peak, rotorSENSE, OneShot125

Motors: Lumenier 2600-2350kV

Props: Custom Quad-blade in UmmaGawd purple

Flight Camera: FatShark 600 TVL CCD (or equivalent)

HD Camera: GoPro Hero, Hero 3/4/5

Receiver Compatibility: CPPM, S-Bus, Spektrum™, XBus, SumH, SumD (no external adapters required) (Auto-Sense!)

Flight Time: Highly dependent upon battery, and flying style

Note: Compatible receiver and display device required for initial setup and use, not included.








DYNAM RC Airplane Pitts Model 12 Yellow 1070mm Wingspan -PNP


 The design team at Dynam have captured this wonderful biplane and stretched the fuselage to improve on pitch damping and optimize flight performance without loosing the classic lines of this incredible aircraft.            The span is a compact yet respectable 1067mm and with the clever use of; EPO foam, carbon and phenolic composites, the resulting aircraft is incredibly lightweight and rigid.                                                                                          A 4S LiPo is the battery of choice and paired to this is the perfect balance of oversized brushless motor and ESC giving a potent punch of pace and performance that we haven’t seen in a model of this size.                                        Featuring a fabulous showroom finish using quality paint and decals this bold scale scheme and contrasting colors will standout in flight and take center stage on the deck. The aircraft devours snaps, gyroscopic tumbles, flat spins, prop hang climb outs and gives ample grace and poise in slow, point and ratchet rolls that will have all levels of pilots grinning from ear to ear.    



Description: Pitts model 12(Yellow) 
N.W.(KGS): 20.50  
G.W.(KGS): 25.50  
CTN Size (CM): 129*48*88 
Packing: 4PCS/CTN 
Unit   Price: (RTF,with 2.4G TX, without charger)
                    (PNP,  without Tx, Rx, battery and Charger)

Wingspan: 1067mm(42in)
Overall Length: 1130mm(44.5in)
Wing loading:  43g/dm2
Servo: 9gX2pcs, 17gX2pcs
Battery: 14.8V 2200mAh 25C Li-Po
ESC: 50A Brushless
Motor:  BM3720A-KV650 Brushless Outrunner
Flying Weight: 1300g(45.9oz)



SAB Goblin 380 Flybarless Electric Helicopter

The Goblin 380 provides incredible performance, reliability and simplicity with the unique and innovative Goblin look you are accustomed to!                      

  • Goblin Concept design.                                                                                                     

    • Single stage transmission;

    • Heat tolerant primary drive belt;

    • Motor Belt Gates GT3 9 mm.                                                                                 

      • HPS (High Precision Head System);

      • 8mm high strength steel main shaft;

      • 5mm high strength steel spindle shaft;

      • New head with 2-piece blade grip preserves grips in the event of a crash.                                                                                                                   

        • Direct and geometrically correct servo placement;

        • Micro size cyclic servos.                                                                       

          • Mini size tail servo.                                                                           

            • Aluminum Motor mount.                                                     

              • Plenty of room for electronic components.           

                • Very clean Cabling.                                                 

                  • Quick release battery tray system             

                    • Big battery compartment;

                    • wide selection of batteries with different capacities 6S 1500/2600 mAh. 

                    • Carbon fiber boom for very lightweight.

                    • Nylon bolt break-away system to preserve the boom during a crash.

                    • Dampened tail system for increased vibration tolerance;

                    • Aluminum tail case for increased stiffness.

                    • 5mm high strength Tail shaft

                    • Carbon fiber tail push rod hidden inside the boom for an aesthetically pleasing, unique design.


                    • Landing gear Goblin Speed style.

                    • Some example Setup configurations.


                    SAB GOBLIN 380 YELLOW/BLUE (with 380mm Black Line Main Blades)

                    The Goblin 380 provides incredible performance, reliability and simplicity with the unique and innovative Goblin look you are accustomed to!





                    General Specifications

                    Electronic Specifications

                    • Main rotor diameter: 856 mm 

                    • Main blade length: 380mm

                    • Tail rotor diameter: 196 mm

                    • Tail blade length: 70 mm

                    • Main shaft diameter: 8 mm

                    • Tail shaft diameter: 5 mm

                    • Weight including electronics: 1075 g (excluding batteries).


                    Kit Includes:

                    • 21T motor pulley (other motor pulleys available)
                    • BL 380 3D mm main blades
                    • 70 mm tail blades
                    • 2 Battery tray with straps and double tape
                    • Cyclic Servos: Micro size 23mm
                      • General and 3D flight:  MKS   DS92A+,  Savox SH-0255MG
                      • General and Extreme flight:  BK 3001HV,  SAVOX SV-1232MG,  MKS HV93,  MKS DS95
                    • Tail Servo: Mini size 35 mm
                      • General and 3D flight:  Savox SH-1257MG,  Futaba S9257
                      • General and Extreme flight:  BK 5005HV,  MKS HV9780
                    • Typical speed controller:
                      • General and 3D flight: Kontronik Koby 70, YGE 60 LV, CC Lite 75
                      • General and Extreme flight:  Kontronik Koby 90 – Jive 80LV ,  YGE 90 LV,  CC Lite 100
                    • Maximum motor size: 41 mm diameter, 41 mm height
                      • General and 3D flight: X-Nova 2820-890,  Scorpion HK 3014-900,  Quantum 2820-880
                      • General and Extreme flight:   
                        • Kontronik Pyro 380-9,  X-Nova 3215-930, 
                        • Scorpion HK 3020-1000,  KDE 500XF-950.
                    • Battery compartment: 44x44x130mm
                      •  6S 1500/2600 mAh.  For perfect 3D flight 6S-1800 mAh












 Teaming up with Kraken RC, HPI is proud to offer the Baja 5B buggy with the Kraken Sidewinder X5 roll cage conversion right out of the box! This amazing kit makes it easy to get one of the most unique looks in large scale RC: the ‘sand rail’ style begs you to take it for huge jumps off monster sand dunes! The Baja 5B Sidewinder X5 is completely pre-built and ready to drive right out of the box – just add fuel for 30-minute runtimes! It’s also completely outfitted with the latest Super Heavy Duty option parts, including driveshafts, front hex hubs and one-piece rear hubs so you can thrash it around the dunes or track as long as you like. Baja 5B and Kraken RC: a partnership made born in the desert and made to drive anywhere!                        In the years since the Baja 5B was first released, the number of aftermarket modifications and options released for the Baja has been hugely impressive. Much like the Nitro RS4 and Savage, the Baja 5B has inspired enthusiastic owners to great heights, with the most ambitious hobbyists starting entire companies based around providing options to fellow RC fans. One of the most prominent of the companies providing Baja 5B owners with awesome, head-turning aftermarket parts are the guys at Kraken RC with their amazing Dura cage Modular roll cage!                                                                                                                                For fans of the classic dune buggy, the modern equivalent is the awesome ‘sand rail’, a tube frame buggy that takes no prisoners when blasting up and over massive sand dunes! The Kraken RC Sidewinder X5 kit adds a fully functional polymer roll cage and polycarbonate body panels to the Baja 5B chassis, transforming it into a scale replica of the latest generation of desert play vehicles.

HPI Racing are extremely proud to announce a partnership with Kraken RC that will provide large scale enthusiasts with a fully built and painted Baja 5B fitted with Kraken RC roll cages straight from the factory!

These Kraken RC Baja 5B kits will be fitted with the larger capacity, extra-powerful HPI Fuelie 26S engines for extra power and speed, and they’ll also have the latest HPI heavy duty suspension and drivetrain parts installed, such as the #105612 24mm Heavy-Duty front hex hubs, #104966 Super HD Driveshafts and #104781 One-Piece Rear Hub for increased durability and decreased downtime for extra-hard off-road racing.                                                    Featuring the New TF-45 2.4GHz Radio System!
The Baja 5B Sidewinder X5 also features the new TF-45 radio system – a 3-channel, 2.4GHz radio that has all the most-desired features experienced RC drivers crave. Among its many features are Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) digital 2.4GHz radio technology, end-point adjustments and electronic failsafe protection, plus dual-rate, trim and reversing functions. It’s also lightweight and comfortable thanks to its drop-down steering wheel, changeable grip size and padded steering wheel.

Enclosed Radio Box
The Baja 5B Sidewinder X5 features protection for its electronics and it’s ready to tackle conditions like mud, rain and snow! The 2.4GHz receiver is safely stored in an enclosed receiver box, protecting it in wet and dirty conditions to ensure glitch-free operation. A large rubber plug provides easy access to the receiver battery. To remove the radio box when you’re cleaning the car, just remove a few clips – no tools necessary! Please note: the electronics are not designed for submerged operation. Be sure to rinse off any dirt or salt water with clean water immediately after driving. Check the receiver box to make sure no water is inside and let dry fully before driving again.

Extra-Thick Aluminum Chassis!
The Baja 5B Sidewinder X5 uses a unique chassis design that has inspired imitators and pretenders that are still trying to dethrone the Baja from the top of the heap. The extra-thick Baja monocoque aluminum chassis is formed from strong 6061 aircraft aluminum for light weight and strength, then bent into shape with computer precision to make it into an extra-rigid and super-strong platform for the engine, suspension and all other components of the Baja.                                                                                                           Huge 26cc 2-Stroke Engine
The engine fitted in the Baja 5B Sidewinder X5 features a huge 26cc size for extra power over earlier Baja engines, and when combined with the High Flow Muffler and 8000 RPM clutch, you’ll experience extra-fast top speeds and jaw-dropping acceleration for more fun! The High Flow Muffler from the Baja 5T is a much larger capacity design than the old standard muffler, and is tuned to give you more horsepower on the track. It sounds fantastic, too! When the Baja 5B Sidewinder X5 is ripping past you, you will know it!

8,000 RPM Clutch
Formerly an option part, the high performance 8000 RPM Clutch from the Baja SS and 5T is used to give the Baja 5B more punch, or acceleration, off the line. Lightweight clutch shoes and a strong heavy-duty spring are the integral parts of this unit, and you will definitely feel the power out of the turns!

30 Minutes of Driving Time per Tank
The fuel tank holds 700cc of pre-mixed 2-stroke fuel, using normal pump gasoline and easily available 2-stroke engine oil. This amount of fuel will give you run times of 30 minutes or more and the handy flexible ‘clunk’ inside allows the engine to keep running even if the car is upside down after a crash. Imagine that – 30 minutes of fun before you have to stop to refuel! Welcome to large scale RC!                                                                                                   Long-Stroke VVC/HD Racing Shocks
These are the same top-quality shock dampers that are equipped on the racing-level Baja SS and bigger (and heavier) Baja 5T, and are also standard parts for the Baja 5B. These are race-quality, endurance tested, oil-filled, externally adjustable coilover shocks for fantastic performance and heavy-duty track action! Extra-thick shock shafts provide security from crashes, threaded shock bodies allow instant ride height changes, and the externally adjustable piston design is tailor-made for fast trackside tuning.

Durable Off-Road Beadlock Tires
To allow the Baja buggies to go just about anywhere, we fit tires that are ideally suited for nearly all off-road conditions. The unique beadlock off-road tires combine to provide the perfect amount of traction and control on dirt, gravel and grass surfaces. The Dirt Buster S Compound rear tires use a versatile square pin design that easily sheds excess mud and grass, giving you the grip you need for massive top speed runs, while the Dirt Buster rib tires provide the direction and steering necessary for pinpoint accuracy on the track.

Extra-Strong Suspension Parts
HPI has always been known for its extremely rugged cars and trucks, starting with our earliest touring cars and carrying on with monster trucks and large-scale machines. The Baja 5B uses the exact same suspension components as the Baja SS and 5T, so you know you’ve got a quality buggy in your hands. Durable plastic compounds and smart design combine to make the Baja 5B super rugged on any kind of terrain, so you can bash, race and play with your friends for hours before needing to think about maintenance or repair.                                                                                                                                   

 Front and Rear Protective Skid Plates
Complementing the durable suspension components and protecting the chassis from big crashes and mishaps, the Baja 5B is protected at the front and rear by thick skid plates. These allow the Baja to slide over bigger obstacles and also help prevent major damage to the chassis. The rear skid plate can be quickly removed without tools to access the engine mount screws for fast maintenance.

Powerful Vented Disk Brake
To bring something the size and speed of the Baja 5B buggy to a safe and controlled stop, the brakes need to be extra-strong, reliable and foolproof. This is why we use two steel plates for brake disks, both of which are drilled for lightness. To keep the disks cool under pressure, a fan-shaped spacer is used blast rotating air through the vent holes drilled in each disk.

Protective CVD Boots
Helping to keep the Baja 5B running at top speed for hours at a time, the driveshafts are fitted with extra-flexible rubber boots at each end. The boots keep mud, dirt and grass away from the driveshaft and axle joints, and also keep lubricating grease in place around the joints.                                                       Super Heavy Duty Components
The Baja 5B Sidewinder X5 isn’t just loaded with go-fast goodies, either – it’s packed with HPI Super Heavy-Duty parts that will keep you bashing and racing all day long. 9mm thick Super HD dogbones are the starting point of the Baja drivetrain upgrade – these are new, thicker and stronger to outlast the roughest rides and racing action you can find! Extra-wide rubber boots are included to keep the dirt and mud away. Getting the power from the diff gears to the new dogbones is the wide Super HD Diff Shaft that perfectly fits the increased diameter of the dogbones and at the other end of the dogbones are the  One-Piece Rear Hub for extra durability and longevity. At the front of the car is a pair of  Heavy-Duty Front Hex Hubs for increased toughness at the front wheels.                                               



  • Factory-assembled Ready-To-Run large scale gas-powered buggy

  • Fitted with Kraken RC Sidewinder X5 roll cage and pre-painted body panels

  • Latest Heavy-Duty drivetrain option parts installed

  • Brand new Baja paint design

  • 2.4GHz FHSS radio system with failsafe

  • Extra-thick aluminum monocoque chassis

  • Powerful Fuelie 26S 26cc 2-stroke engine

  • Torx T27 engine screws

  • 700cc fuel tank provides 30 minutes of driving

  • 8,000 RPM performance clutch

  • VVC/HD externally adjustable shock absorbers

  • Long-travel extra-durable suspension

  • Viscous torque differential

  • All-terrain racing tires

  • Super-durable real beadlock wheels

  • Long wheelbase

  • Enclosed radio box

  • External battery charging plug

  • Adjustable heavy duty racing rear wing

  • Durable roll cage protects engine

  • Gunmetal anodizing for super-cool looks

  • Complete set of ball bearings

  • 100cc of 2-stroke oil included

  • 6V 3000mAh receiver pack and wall charger included

  • 4 AA batteries for transmitter included                                                                   

     RTR Baja 5B Sidewinder X5 with 2.4GHz radio
    Pre-Assembled 1/5th scale 2WD buggy with Fuelie 26cc gasoline engine, 2.4GHz FHSS radio system, 3000mAh receiver pack and painted body. Includes comprehensive instruction manual.

    What You Need:
    Pump Gasoline/Petrol and 1 gallon/5 Liter Fuel Can

    4 AA Batteries for Transmitter, 6.0V 3000mAh Receiver Pack, multi region charger and 100cc of 2-stroke oil




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